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Most runners or people in general experience all sorts of pain and injuries as they engage in physical activity like walking or running. This is because of abnormal biomechanics and gait issues (like pronation, supination, flat feet etc.). If left uncorrected with the right footwear, these result in shin splints, plantar fasciitis, knee and lower back pain, IT band issues, and other injuries. This is why at Top To Top we do not believe in online shoe sales. At Top To Top we want to evaluate your feet every time you buy a new pair of shoes. Online sales are convenient but with online shoes sales runners miss-out on a valuable gait assessment that takes in all the variables that the internet cannot. 
Being a top-rated specialty running store, in service for the last 37 years, our highly trained staff is very knowledgeable with biomechanics and running shoe technology. We take pride in our custom shoe-fitting expertise. We take the time and the proper care to get to know the needs of the customer and help them make an informed choice without working for commission. We start with a gait analysis and guide the customer in looking for the right support category (whether neutral, .performance or cure their injury. Given that everyone has different needs and preferences, there is no best shoe for everybody, only the best shoe for each individual. With the brands we believe in, we are confident that we can help anyone find that perfect fit.
Aside from running shoes and apparel, we also carry books, accessories , nutrition stuff, yoga and sports wear for the gym. With an emphasis on great quality, great prices, and a truly caring staff, we make your store experience a satisfying one.

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